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Refinance Loan
Home Refinance

When you choose to refinance your home, you will pay off your existing mortgage and create a new one. There are many factors to consider when refinancing. Most homeowners look into refinance in order to get a lower interest rate and monthly payment. Shorter loan terms also offer very low rates and the ability to pay off your home sooner. It’s important to run a cost/benefit analysis when refinancing to determine how long it might take for your interest savings to pay for any closing costs you might incur. We offer a number of no-closing cost options which provide strong benefits from the get-go. When shopping for a new home loan be sure to ask about a no-closing cost option.

In addition to a lower rate, a refinance can also help provide you with cash from your home’s equity to renovate your home or consolidate higher interest debt like credit cards into one low payment. Mortgage interest and many of the closing costs are tax deductible so hang on to your documents and be sure to take advantage of these benefits after your new loan closes.

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